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The Money Hub offers technical analysis to assist in making efficient trading decisions and maximise trading returns.

My priority is to provide the market knowledge and trading expertise my clients need in order to achieve the financial success they deserve. I am a professional Technical analyst who makes investing and trading simple, straightforward and most importantly, profitable. I offer seminars and online courses to enhance your knowledge on stock market sentiment, improve your trading strategies and find remedial solutions to past injured trades.


With 14 years experience Moxima has honed her skills in the finance and business sectors and subsequently received numerous accolades for her achievements, including being rated as one of South Africa’s Top-3 Technical Analysts by the Financial Mail (2014).


Investment advising

Investment advising

Trading the stock market is accessible to everyone. However, not everyone is confident in trading in the stock market – making them prey to huge losses.

I provide efficient trade recommendations on shares, CDFs, Forex and Commodities, based on different trading setups.

I provide the entry or exit points and targets for different trading timeframes

Technical Analysis Training

Stock market trading is directionless without charting.
I offer two major seminars:

  • Technical Analysis for Beginners to Intermediate Traders
    This course builds a foundation for an aspiring trader/investor to learn how to read the market and enter positions at the correct time and level.
  • The Advanced Charting
    In this course the trader/investor improves their conviction in trading and learns to enter positions with a content mindset. The aim is for traders/investors to comprehending market psychology and patterns that form, to enhance their strategies and reap better returns.


In this seminar you will learn to:


  • Use TECHNICAL ANALYSIS to trade efficiently and profitably
  • Understand market sentiment and traders psyche
  • Interpret different types of trading charts and periods that determine different outlooks
  • Learn the importance of, and how to identify key support and major resistance
  • Draw trendlines correctly to avoid false entries
  • Analyse candlesticks and bars – what they tell you about the markets
  • Identify TOPS and BOTTOMS of an exhausted trend and how to catch the beginning of a trend
  • Develop a trading strategy using breakouts
  • How to trade effectively using oscillators
  • 1 hour of practical work to monitor your understanding
  • 1 month coaching and mentoring


Advanced Charting Technical Analysis:

In this seminar you will learn to:

Advanced course: Refining Your Trading

In this seminar look at:

Your rationale when trading

Mitigating the mind games when trading and how to gain composure in a losing trade

Achieving a sound trading mindset

Distinguishing your trading edge

Identifying different trading setups and calculating your take profit

  • Trading patterns
  • Price action trading
  • Daily setups

Understanding the market psychology of each pattern – to trade it coherently

Identifying where errors are made when trading patterns

How and when to trade each setup profitably

How to trade a volatile market

Improving your conviction

Establishing a checklist for different trading setups

Trading capital management

Two months free subscription of the Golden Goose Nest, a model that gives buy and sell signals of the top 95 tradable shares on the JSE Stock Exchange and Forex

Technical Analysis Training
Stock Market Analysis

Stock Market Analysis

The Golden Goose Nest is a model I have developed over time that provides buy and sell signals on the top 100 tradable JSE shares, Forex and Commodities. Depending on the breakouts, signals are triggered daily or weekly. Positions are held for a month and a half maximum, with Forex and Commodities held for a short time period.


These signals are based on pattern and trend breakouts – also giving you the predominant sentiment of the market as trends change

This model is linked to charts drawn on the site, meaning you can follow the trade recommendation wherever and whenever suitable to you

Based on a monthly subscription, one can login to the site to follow these recommendations and trade on which ever platform you’ve currently using


Subscribing to the Golden Goose Nest Model gives clients access to weekly webinars held discussing the trade signals given on shares, forex and commodities – each lasting an hour. This allows the trader/investor to obtain sufficient information as to how and why positions should be entered. It is also a platform for enquiries. Clients may also request for one-on-one sessions.


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